And what not to do….

Have you ever removed a vanity sink?

Before this project, I had never attempted a vanity sink removal, and let me tell you I really messed up. In order to remove the vanity, you need to disconnect the plumbing connections (duh). This is as simple as unscrewing a screw. Where you have to be careful is with the PVC pipes (I have only ever removed PVC so cannot tell you about other plumbing applications). You do NOT want to break the pipes, unless they are headed to the trash anyway.

I was very careful with this part of the process and disconnected everything successfully. Feeling good about my work, I then grabbed a utility knife to cut the silicone caulk between the vanity and the wall for the last step in the process; removing the entire unit from the bathroom. After loosening it from the wall, I thought “alright, let’s get this thing out of here…”.

As I carefully pulled the vanity away from the wall, I remember thinking “wow, this is heavier than I expected.”

I then shimmied the heavy, granite top sink out of the bathroom and was feeling a rush of joy. The sink had been removed, in its entirety, all with my own two hands. I had done it … yes, I had done it alright.

As I re-entered the sinkless bathroom, I noticed something unusual. There was a broken pipe coming out of the wall. Unfortunately, it was no longer a time to celebrate. I walked back to the sink that I had just put in the hallway, looked into the back of it and saw the other half of the broken pipe. Lovely.

Jessi holding the broken 
PVC pipe with a look of disappointment
Well, crap.

The sink wasn’t heavy. It was actually just caught up on a pipe coming out of the wall and I hadn’t realized it. See that broken pipe inside of the wall… Long story short, I had to pay a plumber more money than I’d like to admit to come fix the broken pipe. You can bet I’ll never make that mistake again.

Once the plumbing was repaired by a pro, I ended up installing this beautiful vanity and the world was well again. Thank goodness.

Partially finished powder room shot with toilet in bottom right
This was unfortunate

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