Photo of completed Banana Leaf Wallpapered Powder Room

Once I regained a little bit of confidence after the plumbing mishap, it was time to get back to the grind and wrap up the Banana Leaf Powder Room Project. Picking the final decor and staging the room is always my favorite part…

How I pick decorative products

Generally speaking, I like to “shop my home” for things that might be a good fit in a space. While I do love a solo trip to the Home Goods store, there is not always room in the budget to just go out and buy something new. So, the first thing I did was hang my mom’s watercolor painting. It’s like it was made just for this room (even though I have had it for a few year). I mean that painting with the Banana Leaf wallpaper in this powder room? Perfection. I threw up a couple smaller decorative mirrors that were laying in one of the moving boxes and they ended up fitting right in, as well as a few other knick-knacks. I think it came together nicely.

Here is a list of what I went with for Powder Room decor:

My Mom’s Floral Watercolor Painting – I haven’t mentioned if yet, but my husband and I are so lucky because both of our Moms are talented artists. Our homes reaps the benefits of this BIG time! The only problem is we are running out of wall space. (and there are zero complaints from me about this!)

Face Vase from Chunky Armadillo (Chunky is an incredible boutique based out of Columbus, Ohio and also has an awesome website where you can shop!)

Toilet Paper Holder (I prefer these over having a standing toilet paper holder)

Shelf for Above the Toilet (necessary for a candle, decorations and to hold extra toilet paper supplies)

Faucet (I installed the exact same faucet in our old house and loved it so much that I got one for this powder room as well. You cannot beat the price and it is so pretty)

Wall Mirror (Target for the win!)

Amazon Light (If you like cool, bright lighting, this is the light for you!)

For being my first big DIY project, I am so happy with how this room pulled together. What do you think?

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