Ever since taking shop class in middle school, I have ALWAYS wanted to have an in-home workshop. But, life happened and power tools are expensive! Almost as expensive as three kids. Well, maybe they aren't that expensive, but it does require some investment.  

It wasn’t until I hit a point of desperation at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 that I decided to take the dive into DIY renovations. 

My husband, Barrett, was working around the clock for the retirement communities in our area as the pandemic hit them especially hard, and I was home full time with our kindergartner, freshly turned 3-year-old, and a newborn baby boy. I was recently postpartum, and while I knew I was doing everything for my family, I was neglecting myself completely.  

During that time, on one of the few days my husband was home, I had to run an errand to get wood glue from Home Depot. I went alone for the first time in a very long time. When I got there, I found myself standing in the power tool section, admiring the compound miter saws.  

2020 pushed me to dive into DIY renovations. 

Hi, I'm Jessi

It was everything I needed at that exact moment, and to this day, it still brings me an immense amount of joy.

I came home with a new beginning and a passion I had wanted to pursue for years.  

Before I knew it, I had arrived in the driveway with a brand new sliding compound miter saw, and I was recruiting my husband to help me get it out of the car and put it together right then and there. I didn't even remember to buy the wood glue I had initially needed.  

I walked the aisles and dreamt of the things I could build and do around the house with this beautiful, expensive, larger-than-me-saw, and I couldn't stop myself.... 

Five Fun Facts

My mom and sisters are beautiful painters, my dad is an engineer, and I am musically talented with a touch of artistic flair. 

My family has artistic blood that runs deep


I even spent six years in Japan.

I have lived in 6 different states and many, many different cities.


in International Business & Marketing and minored in Japanese at Ohio University.  

I double majored


while we were attending the College of Business at OU. Instead of meeting in class, we actually met at a bar. 

My husband and I met


(Dean's List of course) with 18 years of apprenticeship experience. My dad is an incredibly, handy man, and I learned so much by watching him fix things around our house.

In terms of my DIY “education,” I consider myself a Youtube grad


in whatever your surroundings have provided.

find the joys

You learn to

This is part of the fun in moving around so much;