Not only is hardware functional, but it also serves as a stylish accent.

This is why I turned to Nostalgic Hardware to take my home office from good to great. Nostalgic Hardware uses hot forged brass to yield denser, stronger brass highlighting the details of their gorgeous designs. Their crystal items (like the set you will see on my home office’s French doors) are lead-free, blemish-free and perfectly clear. Much like jewelry, eye-catching hardware can completely transform the look and vibe of a room. From crystal door knobs and drawer pulls to cabinet knobs, and even detailed door hinges, the right hardware can elevate any space’s aesthetics.

New polished brass hardware for builtin shelves.

Let me show you how eye-catching hardware can be the jewelry of a room and the importance of it in your overall home décor.

Hardware with shining metallic finishes, or ornate designs stand out, turning a simple table or, in my case, a desk into an artistic masterpiece. When selecting hardware, it is essential to choose shapes, styles, and finishes that mesh well with the overall room’s theme. Bold hardware can add personality and drama to a room. I personally love a unique door handle — I feel like it sets the theme for the entire space, right from the entrance of the room.

Polished brass and crystal knobs and handles for office desk.

Choosing the right hardware should be made thoughtfully.

The options available are plenty, and showing off your personal style matters. From traditional brass to sleek modern options, hardware can help you tell the story of your home. When picking out your hardware, take into account not just the look of the piece but the practicality of it, such as comfortable pulls for a high-traffic drawer or smooth and silent door hinges.

Just like with real life jewelry and accessories, making a statement is vital when it comes to hardware.

A simple chest can be transformed into a work of art with unique pulls. The little details can make a massive impact, so don’t be afraid to get creative when picking out your hardware. And don’t worry…if you pick something you end up not liking, it is generally easy to swap it out!

Hardware finishes are the perfect accessory that do the heavy lifting in transforming a room’s look.

If your style is modern, consider flat, sleek options in stainless steel or bronze. If you’re into a classic approach, antique brass can add a beautiful touch of history. A shiny glass or crystal option works perfect for those who love the vintage look. Because I wanted my home office to have a lot of character and a feminine vibe, I opted for beautiful crystal door knobs and drawer pulls.

Polished Brass and Crystal Knobs on French Doors
Tall Oil Rubbed Bronze Crystal Door Knobs for office French Doors.

And last, but definitely not least, upgrading hardware is the easiest way to update a room.

Whether you are updating existing hardware or investing in a new set, changing hardware can impact different spaces in a spectacular way. The wrong hardware can easily drag down an entire room, but the right hardware can take it to the next level. Investing in new hardware is like putting your room in a new dress that elevates the vibe to the highest level.

Also, I have to draw some attention to my home office crystal door knobs. Most of my home has polished bronze hardware, but I wanted to use brass in my office. I was worried my French Doors would look strange from the outside of the room if I had brass crystal knobs, so opted for the best of both worlds; I used Nostalgic Hardware’s bronze New York Knobs on the exterior of the room and the Polished Brass version on the interior. Take a peek at the picture below to see how great it looks from all sides. This definitely was the happy medium.

Dual French Door Hardware - Polished Brass and Bronze Crystal Knobs
French Doors from inside of the office with polished brass crystal door knobs.

Hardware is the unsung hero of home décor.

From the hinges on the door to the knobs on the cabinets, hardware helps tie together a room’s style and functionality – just like a pretty necklace and earrings to an outfit – it is the jewelry that brings the space together. Whether you prefer modern or classic, bold or understated, the possibilities are endless. Replacing or updating this small but mighty finishing touch can give your room an entire new lease on life and make it feel a breath of fresh air. Take your time, choose wisely, and let the hardware be the jewelry of your room that shines bright and stands out.

Ornate coat hanger used to hold blue and gold watering can

I sure hope you were able to find this post helpful. Picking out new hardware can often be overwhelming so my goal is to get you thinking about how you can incorporate it into your home so that there are little splashes of “jewelry” throughout your home. For a direct link to all of the Nostalgic Hardware products seen in this blog post, please click here for my LTK links.

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