As parents, we always strive to make our children’s dreams come true. When my son wanted a Spider-Man-themed bedroom, I knew I absolutely had to make it happen. Watching him light up with excitement at the idea was enough to convince me. After some planning and a little bit of effort, his bedroom is now a Spider-Man lover’s dream come true. In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps (and products) I took to transform his room into the ultimate Spider-Man themed big-boy bedroom.

A Happy Boy in his new Spider-Man Themed Bedroom

A Perfect Ceiling Fan for a small bedroom

The first thing I did was replace his old ceiling fan. The old fan was way too big for his small bedroom, and it made the room look cluttered. I chose the perfect fandelier that would brighten up the room and give it a more updated feel. Luckily, this was a quick change that made a significant impact on the overall look of the room. As you can see in the photo below, he also had a Spider-Man themed toddler bed, haha.

Masculine Fandelier in the Spider-Man Themed Bedroom

Black and White Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Spider-Man

I found a stylish and practical solution to a wallpaper accent wall – peel and stick wallpaper. The black and white wallpaper was a breeze to install, and the result was astonishing. Michael loved seeing his superhero in action, and I loved how streamlined and modern it made the room look.

Blue Velvet Daybed for Spider-Man Jr.

The most significant addition to the room was the blue velvet daybed – I found this gem at Walmart. This statement piece added the perfect pop of color and made the room feel more put-together. The daybed also comes with a pull-out trundle bed that would be convenient for sleepovers.

A blue velvet daybed with trundle in a Spider-Man themed bedroom

Spider-Man Themed Bedding and Decor

To complete the look, I sourced Spider-Man-themed bedding and decor. I found a Spiderman plush toy that sits on the daybed and a Spider-Man poster that Michael loves. Then, I focused on the bedding, which tied the entire room together. I chose a set that had vibrant colors and Spider-Man graphics, so when Michael woke up in the morning, he would be immersed in his favorite superhero’s world.

Personal Touches for His Bedroom

Lastly, I added some personal touches to make Michael’s room unique. I kept this awesome Facebook Marketplace print above his dresser – I mean it is just too pretty to take down. Plus, who doesn’t love an awesome Noah’s Arc print?

Additionally, my mother in law had painted these sweet nautical paintings for his nautical nursery. Though they are not covered in spiders, the colors are perfect to go along with the Spider-Man theme. I wanted the room to feel like it was his, so Michael was involved in every step of the process, from the planning to the execution.

Spider-Man themed blue velvet daybed

Quality time well spent

Creating Michael’s Spider-Man-themed big-boy bedroom was a fun and exciting project for us both. It involved planning, some effort, and creativity. The result was a stylish and visually appealing room that Michael loves. If you’re thinking of transforming your child’s bedroom, don’t be afraid to get creative and involve them in the process. Not only was this process a great way to bond, and your child’s face will light up with excitement once they see their dream room come to life.

For a full list of the products used to design the Ultimate Spider-Man Big-Boy bedroom, click here (LikeToKnowIT) and here (Amazon).

Mama and baby Spider-man spending quality time together
Spider-man themed bedroom complete with a spider-man robe

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